Pioneering the profession of life coaching in the region, Dalal Al-Janaie is the top life/relationship coach in the Middle East and the founder of Insijam Coaching. With a passion for helping others and empowering them to be the best versions of themselves for their personal and professional success, she is proud and honored to push her clients to new amazing limits.

With a focus on relationships, be it an individual’s relationship with themselves or with others, she has trained under relationship experts like Dr. John Gray (author of world best-selling book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and Matthew Hussey (author of top relationship guide, Get the Guy). Additionally, Dalal has been trained by the top coaching companies of the world, Coach Training International (CTI), Organizational Relationships System Coaching (ORSC), CTI Leadership, and Mars Venus Coaching (Life, Executive, and Business Coaching).

Over the last seven years, Dalal has trained and coached thousands of individuals through personal and group coaching as well as training courses. In addition to her coaching practice, she has hosted “Lowin Hayatik”, on Al-Watan TV as well as “Success and Happiness” on KTV1. She has also been the weekly relationship expert on Marina FM discussing issues of Kuwait society (2014-2016). In continuation of her radio presence, Dalal has been hosting a weekly podcast for the last year and a half, Insijam Podcast. The many episodes of the podcast discuss issues pertaining to happiness, and harmony in relationships as seen by Dalal in her practice over the last seven years and thousands of stories. Dalal also hosts a public diwaniya for women every month where she invites all women to come to connect and discuss and learn together in a fun enjoyable space, creating connection and memories. In addition to her contributions to the public, Dalal also runs seminars, workshops, Insijam Retreats (travel groups with training), and soon will be rolling out Insijam online courses.

As well as her work in the field of personal development, Dalal brings almost 10 years of experience from the international marketing arena. She has worked in the oil sector as an engineer as well as on the sales side where she traded jet fuel and gas oil in the international market. Dalal’s background is in engineering as she is a Penn State University graduate with a BS in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. She also holds two master’s degrees, one in Petroleum Engineering from Kuwait University and another master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with a focus on entrepreneurship from Maastricht University.