Life/Relationship Coaching with Coach Dalal is an amazing experience not to be missed. The best way to describe coaching with Dalal is to compare it to the process of transformation of the caterpillar to a butterfly.

The client enters the process as a caterpillar who wants to fly and be empowered in its life and, through coaching, the transformation happens. Coach Dalal often lovingly refers to her office space as the cocoon where transformation happens allowing the client to become happier, and more in harmony with itself.

Let’s get the life you want and desire!

What is coaching?

When we say coaching, many may misunderstand coaching and think that it is equivalent to therapy or training or consultancy, although it is similar, coaching has a different approach. Coaching is the process of asking powerful, reality to shake questions, reflecting what is being sensed, and when the picture is clear, a path is created to reach the desired destination which both the client and coach walk through together.

Coaching is like a guided trip with an expert who has crossed the path many times, taking you through your life. The coach takes you to the past, the present, and your perception of the future to secure your arrival at the life you want today.

Who is coaching for?

Anyone who wants a better life! Want to get over an incident of the past? Want to find yourself? Want to better quality relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, and of course, yourself? Coaching is by far the best tool to get you there!

Confidentiality & Ethics

Confidentiality and ethics are a big deal at Insijam Coaching. All sessions are confidential the client’s regard is placed on the top priority. Over the last 7 years, coach Dalal has coached thousands of clients and believes that trust, and ethics are vital factors in the success of the coaching process.