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Audio episodes released weekly by Coach Dalal where she discusses topics which affect women with great stories about her experiences in coaching throughout her years. Real, informative, and fun.. Don’t miss it!

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Want a better life? Want to be happier with your relationships and yourself? Want help from an expert in the field with total and complete confidence? One on one coaching is for you! Together with Coach Dalal, you will be able to uncover your true self and get to the life you want and deserve.

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We are so happy and honored to share with you some of the success stories at Insijam Coaching. These women proudly share their transformation at Insijam be it with the one to one coaching program, seminars, and other Insijam events.

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After years of coaching, coach Dalal has taken the main areas of her coaching and placed them in an online course for you to learn an transform from the comfort of your home. Great value, easy to understand, and effective.